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  • Gym cardio
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Our gym has 2 large exercise rooms, a fitness machines room and room for supervised activities. 

Fitness Room

Cardiovascular workout is essential not only to burn body fat but also to stay healthy, preparing the body for a more efficient training. Among its benefits are obtaining a lower heart rate while practicing sport or resting, a greater lung and heart capacity and an improvement of the muscle tone. At the cardio area, we have at your disposal exercise bikes (horizontal and vertical), treadmills and latest-generation elliptical trainers. We also provide different fitness material.

Supervised Activities

To achieve a correct muscle toning and enhance other physical qualities such as strength, resistance, flexibility...we offer the following supervised activities:

  • Indoor cycling  (especial Spinning):Aerobic training programme that tests the cardiovascular resistance. An exercise bike is used although with a more sporty and aerodynamic design. Accompanied by music, we carry out the same exercises as those we do on a road bike; we will go up mountains, glide along major roads and do the odd sprint. It causes an overall body tone, especially of the upper part. These exercises are very adaptable to the trainee's level, ranging from gentle strolls to the level of professional cyclists.
  • StepsSequence of exercises that consist in going up and down an elevated platform. Allows performing cardiovascular and muscular training at the same time. Improves aerobic resistance, physical strength and body flexibility. The choreographed part improves the trainee's coordination and response capacity.
  • T.B.C “Total Body Conditioning” is a new fitness trend that consists in exercising all our body to keep it in good shape. Several gym elements are combined (bands, steps, bars...) in sessions that are in no way monotonous and that show fast results.