Olives collection


Down Tarragona


Realising the Importance of proper environmental management and of helping to protect our environment, Estival Eldorado Resort's business culture includes instilling respect for and awareness of the environment in our team and in our customers. In order to implement proper environmental management in all activities, a series of commitments must be taken on board:

  • we contribute to protecting the environment, minimising the impact of our activities and by promoting awareness about sustainability.
  • LED-based lighting
  • solar panels for domestic hot water
  • luminous presence detectors
  • purchase of biodegradable products in bulk in order to avoid excess wrappings, whenever possible
  • selective waste collection-at source programme
  • document destruction and recycling service
  • bicycles for rental inside the resort, plus bicycle-parking facilities
  • water flow/volume adjustment devices
  • double-load cisterns
  • rainwater collection for irrigation
  • carpentry with thermal break and double glazing
  • regulated air-conditioning in all rooms: if the door or the terrace is opened the air is switched off

Social Action

  • accessible installations. On the beach: accessibility and beach wheelchair service
  • collaboration with the Down Association of Tarragona for the job placement of its pupils.

Local Food Produce

In order to avoid the energy, environmental and economic burden of transportation, and to promote local products, we try to buy all our meat, vegetables and greens, fruit, bread, milk and derived products locally.

  • we collect the olives from the resort to make olive oil.